Nick Bray Architecture Ltd. is an emerging design firm that strives to deliver exciting and innovative buildings. Our progressive studio is focused on efficient and sustainable design with active projects ranging from single-family Passive Houses to community buildings, to mid-rise apartment and commercial complexes. With studios in Vancouver and Langford (Victoria), our projects are located throughout British Columbia.

We carefully listen to our clients to ensure that their aspirations are identified and translated into unique and elegant buildings. Value is added through our drive to elevate design quality while always considering cost. Our background in development enables us to advise clients on the economic consequences of design decisions, as well as architectural solutions. Our designs are holistic and creative, but our process is highly systematic to maximize efficiency.

Through innovation, our work strives to respond to local context, environment, and community. Wherever possible, Passive House techniques are utilized to create low-energy / low-carbon long lasting buildings that benefit from natural light, fresh air and warmth.  The aim is to improve health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. We value inclusion, adaptability, and accessibility for all. Our space-efficient plans maximize municipal bylaw allowances while being highly practical.

We have a strong No-Ego Design philosophy. Collaboration, flexibility, and the development of our team as unique people are key to our continued success. We are proud to work with highly skilled and motivated consultants that share our passion for quality design and construction, and together we strive to deliver exceptional buildings.

Aligning ourselves with great people and meaningful projects is at the heart of all that we do, and we stand committed to building our longstanding relationship with Habitat for Humanity.

Nick's diverse career includes international experience in design, construction, development, and humanitarian relief. Forming a team of talented designers to produce forward-thinking, beautiful, and efficient buildings, much of Nick’s inspiration derives from his love for travelling and new cultures. Nick is happiest exploring in his old Land Rover with his wife and children.

Nick Bray
Principal Architect AIBC, ARB, RIBA, MRAIC
Helen Jones
Office Coordinator

With almost 20 years of experience in professional coordination and over 10 years of bookkeeping, Helen has a varied industry background in construction contract administration and increasing team efficiencies. Her interests lie in minimalism and sustainability. On the weekends you’ll catch her wondering around East Vancouver doing volunteer dog walking for the SPCA.

Brett is passionate about working with Indigenous Nations within Canada to develop projects that resonate with their communities. As a proud member of the Haida Nation, he believes that great design comes from sincere consultation and building lasting relationships. In his spare time, Brett loves boxing, reading or exploring the mountains around Vancouver.

Brett MacIntyre Xuut’ a K’ii
Associate Architect AIBC

Keri believes in the power of design to create positive change and considers a well-defined plan to be essential for the success of any project. Keri is passionate about equality and works to support and encourage women in architecture. Outside of work, she loves spending time outdoors with her husband and young son.

Keri Goodlad
Associate Architect AIBC, CAB, LEED AP

Good design creates simplicity. Adrian’s work is based upon respecting the physical context and client needs in order to provide design solutions beyond what they ever imagined was possible. Adrian balances his commitment to architecture with Vancouver outdoor adventures such as biking or skiing as well as being active with his family.

Adrian Mc Geehan
Associate Architect AIBC, ARB, RIBA, MRIAI
Oriana Satoko White
Project Manager, BSc (Hons.), BArch

Having lived internationally across Dubai, Japan, Singapore, U.K. and Canada, Oriana is naturally interested in developing connections and improving visual communication in order to successfully present architectural concepts and design solutions. Oriana is also an accomplished pianist and performs locally in and around the province.

Aaron King
Project Designer, BA (Hons.)

Aaron believes designers have a responsibility to create intelligent, forward-thinking buildings to benefit both client and the global environment. He sees the puzzle of designing buildings that are both attractive and space-efficient as an exciting challenge. In his free time, Aaron enjoys playing competitive soccer, cycling, hand drawing portraiture and oil painting.

Beata Sakalauskaite
Intern Architect AIBC, CPHD

Beata is passionate about energy-conscious architecture and continues to study new approaches for maintaining building efficiency. She is all about teamwork, finding solutions and creating a meaningful change. Outside of work you will find Beata in the mountains, dancing, learning GNM, practising yoga and qi gong.

Raul Alcocer
Intern Architect AIBC, LEED GA

Raul is focused on sustainability and green building design to improve the future of our towns and cities. He has ten years of experience in heritage restoration and believes that some buildings can also be recognized as works of art. Raul is a passionate traveler who loves a good glass of wine.

Osires Abreu
Project Manager, BArch, BEFA, CAU-BR

Osires has 20 years of experience as a university professor, architectural illustrator, urban planner and registered architect in Brazil. He was associate director of his own joint architecture firm in Fortaleza Ceará for 12 years before moving to Vancouver. Osires is skilled in hand drawing and has a deep interest for art expression.

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