Perspective rendering inside the back yard patio of passive house 2 storey single family building. This rendering captured a cozy family evening in a new built energy efficient home built by N B A architects.
Perspective rendering of renovation made by N B A architects. Energy efficient design that exceeds Vancouver’s energy standards. A contemporary design is chosen for a renovation of the previous house that responds to the city’s missing middle initiative.
Modern interior dining room perspective from the dining looking towards to living space. The new built house was designed by N B A architects with a lot of windows allowing for bright and spacious space.
Visualisation of 6 Story multi-residential building with modern design by N B A architects. Serene forest atmosphere complements a modern and timeless aesthetic of an apartment building in Colwood, BC that was designed on a steep and narrow site.
An image shows an existing building improvement to 600,000 square foot warehouse by N B A architects. This interior image shows massive interior space that was upgraded.
The visualization image shows the New North Shore Rescue (NSR) base at Capilano Watershed, designed by N B A architects. Unique emergency response training facility is a modern three volume building. From this rendering image you can see the unique structure that contains a helicopter hoist way training facility.
Visualization rendering shows the institutional building that display the sustainable construction and includes traditional exposed mass-timber, post & beam construction, and a low pitch long-span roof. N B A architect shows deep respect to traditional territories and their architecture. The modern take of the traditional stain-glass window by a local artist that tells the story of the land and City.
Existing picture of historical 3 story Carnegie Community center located in Vancouver. N B A architects are working with members of Carnegie Community Centre and exploring ways to make building safe and welcoming.
Visualization rendering shows single family house in the forest with the view to ocean and mountains. N B A architects designed the sustainable modern house disappearing into the land featuring a green roof.

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